Through the eyes of a child stimuli enters the temple

through stained glass experience it shines through and down

upon the wise elders in my brain.

Elders that travail in prayer to resurrect the Son/Sun of my heart

Sadness poem

I fall in love every morning

By nightfall my heart is broken

So I go to sleep and dream about the morning again

it’s about guilt. Being happy and at peace in a world full of sadness and chaos. Every morning is rebirth and regeneration of my spirit. Trying to put to words ideas and feelings of empathy while not allowing myself to be consumed by the pain of the world system. Turning sadness into beauty and a source of purpose and strength. Pouring out of myself the melancholy of every eve only to wake as a child full of hope to do it again… a return to innocence


Chanel #5

I went for sushi last night. I went to be alone with my thoughts and Valentine’s Day was far removed from the oasis of my mind that had become so saturated in saki that my judgment was drowning along with my inhibitions. That’s when the sobering life giving truth of the fragrance Chanel #5 threw me a life line. I connected with this truth so hard that the love of black painted finger nails, mascara and dark lipstick became my salvation. I exchanged words with this sentient being of heavenly wit until we where both intoxicated by spirits beyond our understanding. That’s when she said she wanted to do to me. She wanted to go to strip club and watch me get dances from the bar as she drank absinthe and smoke cloves. I was in disbelief but played along as a child as her British voice admonished due to my outward reluctance but willing will. It’s a wicked game played among the angels. To be continued

Bad haircuts

I hate bad hair cuts. Those are some of my worst mistakes! But like bad haircuts and mistakes. There’s always new growth from the experience. I’ve learned a lot from my bad haircuts. I’ve grown really wise. So that should tell you I need a new hairdresser

Jesus saves

Today I passed out and hit my head. I had a dream that I was A philandering panderer of low moral character and artistic savant flamboyant playboy tycoon who knows the off label use of baking soda and has wrote a dissertation on the nature of the universe as well as the profound therapeutic effects of the female orgasim. Not to mention highly skilled in the Japanese art of origami. Than Jesus came and awakened me. I awoke a creative genius with new focus and vigor … I AM limitless and my dreams are becoming a reality

Self deception

happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. If your happiness comes from the validation and approval from others or you will always stay thirsty. You have to love yourself before you can love others properly. Otherwise you stay a vampire with no authentic reflection in the mirror of reality

The borracho Chicano name Juan Carlo

I once met this Borracho Chicano Vato name Juan Carlo who told me “there are some who keep it real and there are some who don’t. The real live for truth the others do not. Both can be you. The more truth you have the stronger and at rest you are. The more you are against the grain of truth the weaker you will become. To live this way is hell. Only than you will realize what’s really going on. Clear your mind of the poison so you can see this and yourself clearly.” Than he took my tequila away. I found that amusing because he was drunk and so was I. Only than I realized he was speaking of the poison of self deception and false belief. I’ve been sober and focused on reality with clear lenses ever since.